Tuition & Fees

No Sign Up Fee !!

Return your Registration Form along with your first monthly tuition payment into the drop box. Money envelopes are available for you to use. (PLEASE WRITE NAME) Tuition is due on or near the 1st of every month. After the 10th of the month your payment will be considered delinquent and a $15 late fee will be applied to your tuition due.  

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Monthly Tuition:

Tuition will be based on 10 months this year.  Class rate is based on our months of dance services, not on the number of lessons.  Dance services include instruction, choreography, costume coordination and the planning of various presentations throughout the season.  Payment is not refundable nor is it discounted for classes missed, holidays or cancelled classes due to inclement weather.  
There is no additional charge for five-week months or any extra classes or rehearsals.

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Summer Tuition:

Tuition will be based on  Tuition will be based on 2 months this year.
Summer is the ONLY month HALF pro-rated tuition amounts can be used.      

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Costume Deposit

A  non-refundable costume deposit is due before we close for Winter Break in December.
This fee allows the costume to be ordered early in the season and shipped in a timely manner.  
Costumes will typically have an additional balance due before the costume(s) can be taken home.
(Costumes arrive usually around April)

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Recital Fee

  The Recital Fee of $40 is a charge which covers the cost of the facility rental, show techs, janitorial service, and dancer awards. One fee is charged per family, regardless of how many family members are taking classes.
This fee will be included with your final recital costume payment and is non-refundable    

Tuition Rates

Dance Tuition PER Student:

Total Hours    Monthly Payment 

30min         $30.00
1 hour         $50.00
1.5 hours     $65.00
2 hours       $80.00
2.5 hours     $95.00
3 hours        $110.00
3.5 hours     $125.00
4 hours        $140.00
4.5 hours      $155.00
5 hours         $170.00
5.5 hours     $185.00
6 hours         $200.00

“unlimited” Single Student Rate  $215.00

 “unlimited” Family Rate  $255.00